if wilmer cheats on demi or tells everyone about their sex life or does anything to hurt her i’m gonna laugh at every single one of these dilmer shippers



This is literally the drug information packet that came with one of my meds. It’s printed double sided, too. Those are my feet, just, ya know, for scale I guess? 

welcome to the life of a spoonie.


I think having a chonic illnesses is alot like being Rapunzel up in a tower. No one understands what its like up in your tower alone and no one is able or willing to try and climb up to understand.

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I have more doctors than friends tbh

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I’m like…

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» Things You Can do to Help Disabled People That Don't Cost A Cent


  • Do not talk about an obviously disabled person in front of them as if they can’t hear or understand you.
  • Do not talk to a disabled person’s companion instead of them.
  • Ask permission before touching people, or their wheelchairs/other equipment. Even if you want to…


Your wardrobe is 50% pijamas, 25% soft t-shirts, 25% sweatpants, 1% real world clothing

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What "inspirational" movies like "Soul Surfer" are meant to teach you: Lives of disabled people are tough. Like, being disabled and wanting to do what others do is playing level hard or impossible. Look how tough someone must be to have what you have served on a silver patter.
What privileged people think "inspirational" movies like "Soul Surfer" are meant to teach you: Impossible is nothing. Disabled people should never complain and work harder instead.
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